‘Five Heartbeats’ star slated to play role in upcoming Drama Series for Congo TV Network

Hawthorne James, better known for his role of ‘Big Red’ in the movie, The Five Heartbeats, will play a role in the upcoming TV Drama Series, The Palace, which will air on the Congo TV Network this Fall. The Wright Brothers officially announced the addition to an already stunning cast on yesterday.

“We are delighted to have Mr. James’ support and talent with this series. He will play a recurring role that we believe was designed for him,” said Gerald Wright. “When Ro showed me the treatment, he was our top pick.”

James will star as a retired hitman who gets the opportunity to come out of retirement to earn $1M if he can hunt down a specific Single Black Woman. The woman he is searching for inherits major wealth from the grandfather of her mixed child. The grandmother goes to the lowest extremes to stop the young mother from claiming her wealth… even hiring a hitman (James) to kill her.

“This series will be addictive. It is full of all the ingredients of a successful film. This cast is awesome and we are all fired up to introduce something new and fascinating to the world,” said Ro Wright, writer and director of the series.

James has expressed his anticipation in being part of the production. He says he is even more excited to help “some young brothers make their mark in this industry.” He has been working in the industry for over two decades and will certainly bring attention to a role uniquely created for someone of his stature.

The Palace will begin filiming September 23 in Dallas, TX.