TV Show to showcase Black women in Louisiana who own a business or brand, seeking one more cast member

This Fall, Unrivaled Media Group, will begin filming a new reality TV show set in Louisiana. Bayou Bosses, will feature a group of African-American women from small towns whom are all highly educated, sophisticated, and working their way to the top with very limited resources availbale in their region.

The series will follow the journey of these women and some of the obstacles they face while trying to make it to the next level as business owners. The show will highlight many of their achievements throughout the season with intentions of inspiring everyday women to follow their dreams.

“These women are all unique bosses in their own right. The purpose of this show is to let women around the world see success can be obtained even if you’re from a small town or have encountered adversities in life,” said Blake Living, the show’s Director.

The cast includes Dr. Tiffany Zachery, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Achievement Coach), Robin Charles-Living, BA, EBMS (Media Mogul/Producer/Entrepreneur), Dominique Yancy, BA (Author/Addictions Counselor), and Whitney Living, BA, MS (Literary Analysis/Motivational Speaker). Although four of the ladies have already been cast from various cities throughout Louisiana, the director wants to cast a fifth lady for the show.  Criteria to be considered for the show are:

  • Female: African American
  • Ages: 25-40
  • Earned a college degree
  • Building a business or brand
  • Originally from and currently living in Louisiana
  • Has encountered some type of adversity and open to share the experience.

Unrivaled Media Group has reached an agreement with Eagle View Media Company, owned by The Wright Brothers, to feature the Bayou Bosses reality show on the Congo TV Network when it launches this Fall. If you are interested in starring on this Reality Show, email Blake Living:

All submissions should include: Name, Age, Current City, Photo, Contact Info, and a Brief Description About Yourself & Your Business/Brand. Because filming for the show will begin rather quickly the submission window ends on November 13, 2017.

42 Replies to “TV Show to showcase Black women in Louisiana who own a business or brand, seeking one more cast member

  1. You guys need to look at Alice Cooper owner of one of the longest running Nurse staffing agencies in North Louisiana. Alpha Nursing Agency Shreveport, La.

  2. Hey your guy need to look at Jodi Simmons. She owner her own dance studio and about to have her own reality show. She from a small town out in the country of Paincourtville, Louisiana. She is very gifted.

  3. I believe Brandi got what it takes to showcase black women style. Represent New Orleans with class. Verry ambitions young lady.

  4. I agree with Michael Sharp; Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley is one that will/does represent New Orleans class. Born and raised in East, New Orleans pushing through every type adversity to walk in her purpose which is leading her straight to her destiny. Brandi is building a legacy that will leave an inheritance for her family and us proud to say she’s “home grown”.

    1. I agree with two above. She definitely can do it all and i believe she’s at the forefront of women making major self propelled moves out of Louisiana. She deserves to be picked to be apart of this cast

  5. Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley, is a phenomenal woman and would be a great addition to this show. She’s multitalented and has built her brand from the ground up. She’s the Editor-in-Chief of “Barbarin Magazine”, CEO of BrandMii Media LLC, on-air Radio Personality for TillMac’s Corner, full time Mother and Wife! She’s a woman who wears many hats in life on a daily basis, regardless of the number she wears she always manages to make it look so effortless to the point you may think she does magic! She definitely has that #BlackGirlMagic!

  6. You guys need to check out Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley “building a business/brand with her magazine, college-educated that comes with Beauty and style.

  7. I truly believe and know Brandi has what it takes to represent New Orleans very well with class and ambition. She don’t let nothing stop her when she puts her mind to it she goes after what she wants. Truly an inspiration!

  8. Check out Brandi Stampley. She will be perfect well educated owner of Barbain Magazine great television personality radio host and much more

  9. Look at Brandi grimaldi Stampley, she is a strong woman achieved everything from the bottom up, owner and editor of her own magazine barbarian

  10. Brandi Grimaldi Stampley is someone that you should look into. Her IG is Brand_mii. She’s born, raised and still resides in New Orleans. She graduated with a degree in communication and computer technology. She’s currently a co host of a radio show on Sunday mornings (it’s FB live-streamed also), launches her own magazine, the Barbarin, showcasing various culture and things in NOLA. She is also phenomenal when it comes to public relations. Many people within our community look up to her because of her upbringing and success story as a former single parent (now newlywed) and how she balances work, motherhood, her personal businesses, and social life.

  11. Im with charlette and micheal.. Brandi Stampley is perfect! Her story, hustle and ambition needs to be televised! She is a prime example of how to make it happen no matter what’s the odds.. great representation of New Orleans!

  12. I know with out a doubt Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley is the one for the show. Brandi is a beautiful mother of 3, co host of a local radio station & has her own magazine. Brandi proves you can make it in the Crescent City of New Orleans despite it all.

  13. Brandi Grimaldi is a hard working women who has been through a lot but she over comes and over achieve . She’s a great representation for New Orleans I think you need to give her a shot I’m sure you won’t be disappointed .

  14. Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley has the charisma, attitude and most of all the entrepreneurship that this show needs. She has an attractive energy and her story is inspiring, mother of 3, a wife and is the owner, plubisher, photographer and editor of her own magazine

  15. Brandi Grimaldi-stampley would be a great asset to this show to represent New Orleans LA. She is the owner and editor of Barbarian Magazine, also co host of Crescent City Radio. Brandi is truly an amazing woman, mother and wife, with a Bachelors Degree in Communications. Her charisma is everything and she’s a lime light in front of the camera.

  16. I’m absolutely sure my girl Brandi Stampley would be an amazing asset to the show!! Born and raised in New Orleans, Katrina survivor, fashionista,wife, mother, yet thriving forward in the business industry with her very own magazine, dabbing into Radio as well!! You don’t want to miss the opportunity to have her!!! #BrandiStampley

  17. Brandi Stampley, hands down is PERFECT for this!!! Hands down; extra with all of the above! Newly married, multiple tasks on her plate; she is the ideal woman for a REALity show. She has the personality of many different people so I’m confident she can nail ANY role that is chosen. Look no more, THIS IS FOR HER! Btw, I cant give u specifics on business ventures I just “know of” and “heard of” but hey, isn’t that the reason for the show? Only Brandi can bring the REAL truth(s) to light. Such a character with class!

  18. You guys should look into Brandi Stampley. She has built and is building a brand that shows young black women not only in the city of New Orleans but everywhere that anyone with any background and hardships can push through anything they set their minds to. She is a great role model for young girls/teens/women to look up to to aspire to be great.

  19. Hey! My name is Syrajhoxo I’m on Instagram as @Syrajhoxo. I think Brandy who is an Magazine Artist/Publisher would be an Great Pick for this Opportunity. She’s located on Instagram @Brand_mii. She’s an awesome intelligent Smart Black Queen. Thanks

  20. Hey! My name is Syrajhoxo I’m on Instagram as @Syrajhoxo. I think Brandy who is an Magazine Artist/Publisher would be an Great Pick for this Opportunity. She’s located on Instagram @Brand_mii. She’s an awesome intelligent Smart Black Queen. Thanks

  21. Brandi Grimaldi-Stamply
    Wife; Mother; CEO of Brandmii LL; Editor and Chief of Barbarin Magazine; Radio Personality; Blogger; Host; New Orleans Native; etc BA, in Communications; Entrepreneur/Media Mogul. Brandi is building an empire/ brand. She was born and raised in New Orleans Downtown 8th w/d while attending the New Orleans Public School System. Branding and Advertising is her passion along with an outstanding personality that lights up a dark room.

  22. Brandi Grimaldi sounds like she would be a perfect match. I encourage you’ll to take her into consideration. She’s the epitome of what this opportunity describes.

  23. I believe Mrs. Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley would be a great fit for this show. She is ambitious, smart, dedicated, hardworking, humble and beautiful inside and out. I admire her because she took a leap on faith and published her own magazine. She is destined to be great! Brandi is a great example for our younger generation of girls. She is the true definition of “lead by example “.

  24. Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley would definitely be BEST fit for this opportunity! Very inspirational to GIRL BOSSES!

  25. I agree with Michael sharp and Charlette You guys need to look at Brandi Grimaldi Stampley, she’s intelligent, ambitious and started her magazine company on her own from the ground up. Brandi is loved by everyone and will be great for your show. She’s very hard working and this show will be great for her business,you guys won’t regret choosing her. She definitely had what it takes!!

  26. Brandi Grimaldi would be a great addition to your show. She’s ambitious, smart, loving, funny & a visionary. She saw that New Orleans young black culture was under represented, so she created Barbarin magazine, a digital culture magazine. The magazine gives artists and New Orleanians a place to express themselves.

  27. Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley is truly a business woman. She is an awesome wife, mother, and hard-worker. She has taken her knowledge and personality to new heights. Brandi will be such an asset to this project! She is definitely a “nola gal” from Sunday second-lines to fest with her family. She is a very well-rounded Southern lady!

  28. To piggy back off of Charlotte, I truly believe this would be a great opportunity for Brandi Grimaldi-Stampley as she possess many great traits. One being an exceptional mother of 3 while pursuing her dream of being an entrepreneur. Brandi is a true New Orleanian and would bring nothing but positivity in your direction.

  29. Brandi Gramaldi-Stampley ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Beautiful, Positive, Intelligent and Educated! Radio Host and Magazine Editor and Chief, Etc. Business Woman, Mother, Wife and Great Friend! Excellent Choice for the Show!👏🏽

  30. I agree with with Michael Sharp as well. Brandi Stampley is the perfect example of a positive black women. She’s very genuine and a go getter and is about her business. She definitely represents New Orleans well!

  31. Brandi Stampley…..! I promise she’s everything and more. Beautiful inside and out, educated ow we of barbain magazine trendsetter wife Mother career woman radio show host. I would definitely say she has what it take to be on television. Crazy part I’ve always mess with her saying she needs a reality show because she’s super funny and very entertaining

  32. MRS. Brandi Stampley, but I met her as Just Brandi Grimaldi. I’m so proud of her for being so ambitious. She has come a long way from where she has started and still growing. From being a single mom at one point to pressing her way through college and obtaining a degree, shows her go getter attitude. She is someone that should be highlighted as “boss goals” This platform would be great for her to display to the tv audience what it takes to get to where you want to be. College grad, business owner, Christian, friend, daughter, mother but first and foremost wife! She is the true definition of what it is to not let where you’ve come from determine where you end. Please don’t let her slip away. She has a great story to tell. She’s all that you’ve been searching for.

  33. Brandi Stampley is a great candidate for this show. She is a beautiful person inside and out and has a big personality that wil take over any show. Loving funny real and entertaining all at once.

  34. Look at Dr. Leah S. Cullins, FNP-BC ! A Nursing Professor/Nurse Practitioner who owns 2 clinics in the city. She is the President of the Chartering Chapter of the 100 Black Women of Baton Rouge. Beautiful Inside and out. Would be an excellent choice to your lineup.

  35. Please consider Brandi G. Stampley for this show, she was made for this. I agree with all the comments she is a beautiful and genuine person. Who is trying to build her Brand and she is doing a great job, but this will give a wonderful
    Platform to broaden her audience.

  36. Pick Brandi Stampley she is a mother a business woman an a wife an is very educated black woman please pick her she is what you need for the show she is real new Orleans

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