Congo TV to bridge Amps Magazine and Black Boot News to launch ‘Congo News Center’ in May

In an effort to expand the reach of it’s Congo brand, Eagle View Media is set to manage a partnership between Amps Magazine and Black Boot Media to launch Congo News Center. The two companies are news sites which successfully target the African-American Community. Both companies are separately owned by Gerald Wright (Amps) and Ro Wright (Black Boot).

“Congo is the perfect vehicle for these two news outlets to link up and bring the African-American audience to one centralized place for News, Films, and soon… even Music,” said Ro Wright, Director of Programming for Congo TV Network.

Amps Magazine is nearly 15 years old and grew from a Regional based News-Magazine under Ro Wright to a National Entertainment Publication under Gerald Wright. Black Boot Media is just two years old but has already reached more than 25M people through it’s viral news articles and videos.

The site will feature news and events in over 30 major U.S. cities and will accept submitted news from over 100 smaller US Cities.

“This venture is long overdue. We have the contributors and supporters of both news companies all over the country. We will simply drive them all to one site,” Gerald Wright, Administrative Director for Congo TV Network.

One of the big steps the site will take is it’s commitment to featuring news on several HBCU campuses around the country. Students on the campus will get to intern as young reporters, reporting news as it happens on their campus.┬áBusiness, Health, and Technology bloggers will feature weekly blogs and reviews.

Expect Congo News Center to launch in May 2018.