Dallas artist confirmed to play leading role in drama series for Congo TV Network

As Congo TV Network prepares for launch this Fall, the buzz is certainly growing along the Gulfcoast as the Eagle View Media Company, which owns Congo, keeps putting the right pieces in place.

Earlier this week, EVMC announced Hawthorne James, better known as ‘Big Red’ from the hit movie The Five Heartbeats, would play a role in, The Palace, an original TV Drama Series set to begin filming in Dallas in September. The Wright Brothers (EMC Owners) announced today popular Dallas model and author, Tonyela Arphul, will play the leading role in, The Palace.

“Tonyela is poised to bring this character to life. She is very talented and America will fall in love with her,” said Ro Wright, Writer/Director for The Palace. Arphul, is no stranger to the camera though. She has been a successful model with thousands of fans all over the world. She is a model, a poet, an author, and she even has her own beauty calender which is sold all over the world. “She is quite the entrepreneur but that’s what this business is about. It’s about finding people who get it. People who take their craft seriously enough to brand themselves making them a candidate for many opportunities in life,” said Gerald Wright, Chief Director of Business Administration for EVMC.

Arphul carries the stage name “Masterpiece” when she tours the country but she says she was interested in the role because she believes the storyline for The Palace is indeed a ‘masterpiece’. She will play a poor single-parent mother raising a bi-racial daughter. While struggling to get her life on track, she is forced to deal with her own financial difficulties but also help her child understand her place in a world which seems to reject her due to her bi-racial appearance. The mother learns of an inheritance that belongs to her which includes a mansion. While trying to claim rights to what’s hers, the woman who currently lives in the mansion will go to any measure to make life even harder for this mother and her daughter, to keep them from retaining her beautiful palace.

“I definitely think there are unparalleled challenges for single mothers trying to be successful. Just being a woman is already a fight just to be taken seriously. The stigma of being an unmarried woman with a child is and has always been prevalent in American culture and viewed by society as something that automatically places them in a lower socioeconomic status,” said Arphul. “I can relate to Jewel (the character) and her daughter and the challenges they face because you have to emotionally, physically, and mentally endure being in uncomfortable situations and sacrifice so much just to make things happen,” she continued.
While Arphul is excited about the script and the opportunity, she believes the role will open major doors for her and it will push her beyond her comfort zone. “I am excited. I see the limitless possibilities with this production and I think the world will be addicted to this show,” she expressed.
Arphul’s role of “Jewel” will allow her to explore many sides of her talents. She gets to do it all in this role and she will even share a few steamy intimate scenes in the series with popular actor and social media heart-throb, Thaddeus Pugh. With all the dynamics of her character, Arphul says it’s the message in the script that captivated her. She is a single-parent mother in real life and she believes so many single parent mothers will easily relate with her character, Jewel.
Ro Wright says “Jewel” will win America because there are more women who will identify with her realistic life struggles than women who identify with the misrepresentation of women on today’s reality shows. “Jewel is the common woman. The woman who is busting her tail to pay bills and feed her kids. This woman, no matter what race, is always overlooked. Her voice will finally be heard,” said Wright.
“Jewel represents every woman, every single mother, and every artist who has a vision and will take the bricks thrown at them to build a home”, said Arphul. Expect The Palace to begin airing this Fall on the Congo TV Network. Production for the series is already underway.