Congo TV attracts 7 more investors, business owners help build company’s equity

One week ago, Eagle View Media Company (EVMC), publicly announced it would offer shares of it’s Congo TV Network to private business owners. Since then, the company has had to hire a specialist to work just this area of the network due to the overwhelming response from Business Owners around the country.

“We started this vision by investing in it ourselves. When we received the attention of major platforms we knew we had to raise more money. Fortunately, it only took us two days to raise the money we needed to gain enough corporate support, allowing us to move forward,” said Ro Wright, EVMC Co-Founder and Director of Programming for Congo TV.

“Since then, we have had consistent inquiries from business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be involved in the vision,” said Gerald Wright, EVMC Co-Founder and Business Manager. “There were so many emails all we could do is put them in a list and slowly touch basis with them.”

The Wright Brothers told potential investors they were not interested in ‘all money’ when they spoke with each business owner. “We are more interested in the right people,” said Kita Wright, EVMC Co-Founder and Director of Production for Congo TV.

Since that press release was announced last week, the company has had more than 90 people to respond with interest in investing into the company. After carefully interviewing and speaking with many of them, on Monday, November 13, 2017 the company accepted financial investment offers from several Business Owners around the country including:  Patrick Davis, III of Military Realty in Atlanta, GA., The Slaughter Group (Quintle, Elaine, and Dena Slaughter), Shannon Smith and Sable Jefferson, Auto Dealers in North Louisiana, James Ratcliff, Jr. an IT Representative for one of the largest Communications Corporations in the world, and a few politicians who choose to remain silent.

“I believe in what The Wright Brothers are building. This is an incredible opportunity to be part of something¬† very special that I believe will open doors for many people,” said Patrick Davis. “There are limitless possibilities with this vision. There are so many ways this network can improve the quality of entertainment presented to our community and I am happy to be part of it,” said James Ratcliff, Jr. Both os these men purchased multiple shares to invest in Congo TV Network.

Eagle View Media Company has already confirmed they will announce several other investors by the end of the weekend.