Congo TV to make 2 remaining shares available to the public

2018 has proven to be a productive year for Congo TV Network. The managing company for the network (Eagle View Media Company) will release two more shares for public interest.

Earlier this year, the company restricted any more shares from being available to the general public but will now make two more shares available to help generate funds to begin an even greater fiscal year.

Congo Business Investors

“We have seen a steady growth this year. Some months evolved faster than others but overall it proved to be a very productive year,” said Gerald Wright, Business Administrator for Eagle View Media Company.

The most responsive shows in 2018 were the Christian based reality show, Chosen Generation, which featured HBCU Choirs and the Spoken Word Showcase, The Golden Mic. “We have learned a format that seems to work and we are ready to continue raising the bar in 2019,” explained Ro Wright (Director of Programming for EVMC.)

The company schedules quarterly meetings with investors and supporters and shares all business agendas with every shareholder individually. “We try our best to stay transparent and to provide a quality product that we can all be very proud of,” said Odessa Sykes (Co-Owner of EVMC.)

In one year, the company has produced 7 shows and recently supported the movie, Get The Ring, which is now being pitched as an Official Motion Picture for a 2019 revised release for public theaters. The company will be partnering with The Bayou Classic to make the idea a reality.

With more than 10 outstanding production offers on the table, EVMC forsees a bright future for it’s one year-old baby. Allowing two more investors would put the company in a very good position to make the future come much quicker.

If you are interested in having a seat at the table of Congo TV Investors, email congo@eagleviewcompany.