Congo TV picks up another partner, company opens remaining shares to potential investors

When The Wright Brothers announced Congo TV Network in NYC this Summer, their company (Eagle View Media Company) had already sold 17 shares of the company before the network was even announced. The idea and concept drew the attention of Louisiana and Texas business owners from day one.

“People don’t usually respond to an idea without any visible components or tangibles. We were immediately shocked at the urgent response we received from investors,” said Gerald Wright, Business Manager for Eagle View Media Company (EVMC) and Director of the Orlando, FL branch of the company.

The initial investors were a Doctor in Monroe, LA (who chooses to remain silent) and an Entertainment company, The Feaster Foundation, of Dallas, TX. “I think our reputation for excellence assured them that our vision was worth the initial investment and we have proved to them that our word is trustworthy,” said Gerald.

“The thing about a vision is that you don’t expect everyone to see it in the beginning. I believe you have to be called to a vision. This is a Faith walk and not everybody has this type of Faith,” said Ro Wright, Director of Marketing & Programming for Congo TV.

Attorney Jarvis Antwoine of Baton Rouge, LA just purchased 5 shares of Congo TV. “I have watched these guys cultivate their talents for years. I believed on day one. However, I was curious to learn more. So, I drove to New Orleans to attend a Live Filming for a show they were filming there and to see the professionalism and the excitement they have already generated around the network was impressive. I knew instantly I wanted to be part of the vision,” said Attorney Antwoine.

Antwoine also owns a restaurant in Baton Rouge but he sees the bigger picture with Congo TV. “This is something rare. It comes along once in a lifetime and I am not afraid to take a risk, especially when the numbers are as positive as this,” he said.

Since inception, Congo TV has been able to attract major interests with it’s shows and ideas. EVMC has recevied more than 250,000 views on its website in just two months time. The shows have received more than 1,000 submissions. People have already attempted to subscribe to the network and it hasn’t even launched yet. The network has already signed agreements for more than 8 shows, including 4 original shows that will premiere this Fall. Independent filmmakers are already submitting films daily to be available upon launch date.

“We know there is a demand for this product. We see it everyday. We feel it at our events. We read it in the emails. We have a waiting list of people aspiring to work for us,” said Ro Wright. The brothers admit they haven’t responded to many of the investment requests because, ‘not everybody is equipped for this journey’ as Ro put it.

“We want people who understand the vision and not just the financial opportunity at stake,” said Kita Wright, EVMC Director of Production. “We want to be an outlet for many overlooked filmmakers and actors. The opportunity to grow is there but we treat our investors as working pieces to this puzzle and their partnership is more than just a financial commitment,” said Kita.

Odessa Feaster, Co-Founder of the Feaster Foundation, has volunteered in many areas to help Congo succeed. “I have been in this business for two decades and what these brothers are doing is wonderful. My husband and I didn’t even waste time. We already see the limitless possibilities with EVMC and we were excited to partner with The Wright Brothers to make Congo a reality,” she said.

As Congo TV prepares to launch on November 24, the brothers have decided they will open the remaining shares to potential investors. “A believer is somebody who doesn’t wait until the door has been opened. They help you open it,” said Ro. “We have gotten nonstop phone calls from business owners interested in investing but we want the right people at the table with us. People who are willing to work with us in the same spirit and mind that we operate in,” he said.

One of the strengths of Congo is that it follows the current trend in the rise of streaming networks. Netflix now has more than 100M subscribers at roughly $10 per month. Amazon Prime has 63M around the same price. Hulu has 12M subscribers in the same range. These streaming networks run on hosting platforms. Of those Hosting Platforms, Roku leads the way with 39M users. Google Chromecast has 36M users. Amazon Fire is the newest kid on the block and it may be the more popular platform at the moment. Amazon Fire has accumulated 35M users in just 3 years.

Congo TV has already been approved by Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast. It will be available on Roku and Apple TV as well by its set launch date of November 24, 2017. If you are interested in becoming an investor email: congo@eagleviewcompany.comThe company has already admitted the price per share is expected to double after launch date.