Deborah Jones talks about her starring role in Congo TV’s drama series, The Palace

The Palace, an original TV Drama Series, will feature Deborah Jones when it airs this Fall.

Jones carries the leading role as Caroline Bennett in this twisted thriller of emotions, misguided perceptions, sexual infidelities and tons of lies.

“I am honored to be working with Eagle View Media Company for this project,” said Jones. “This is such an incredible production with such an amazing cast and crew,” she exclaimed.

Jones believes the script is very powerful. “It has a strong message, a gripping storyline, and it is brilliantly directed. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Writer and Creator, Ro Wright, had nothing but positive and exciting reactions towards Deborah after completion of the first episode. “She is somebody to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she landed an Emmy in the near future. This is the role she has been waiting on,” said Wright.

“When I read the role of Caroline Bennett, I thought to myself… what a conniving and controlling woman she is,” said Jones. “She is hysterical and over the top and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants in life. It’s a very powerful role and although people will dislike or even hate this character, it is a message to the world about evil and how it presents itself in many different ways,” said Jones.

Jones believes there are so many people in the world just like her character. “We need to take time to understand each other and love each other more. We are all created equal and we need to stand together no matter what race: rich or poor. Love is true and will conquer evil,” she says.

Caroline Bennett (her character) is the wife of a politician who is running for US Senate when they find out their troubled son gets a poor African-American girl pregnant during the time of their campaign. In an attempt to protect their wealthy conservative reputation, Bennett will take any measure to rid herself and her family of any distraction which may bite away at her money and power.

Deborah Jones has credits in film, commercials, and theater. She was nominated for “Best Featured Actress” in Del Shores’ award winning play, Yellow. Expect the pilot for The Palace to air on Congo TV Network in early November.