Dallas pop singer, Dustin Lyon, to play a role in ‘The Palace’ for Congo TV Network

Filming for The Palace is underway in Dallas and pretty soon Dustin Lyon’s career will climb even higher. Lyon will play, Robbie Bennett, son of a Texas US Senator. The Senator’s wife doesn’t like the girl her son gets pregnant and the mother is willing to do anything to keep the girl away from her son.

Lyon’s role is expected to open the conversation about interracial dating in America. The story line explores the racial and economic differences in American culture and despite the many divisions of today’s society, this story proves the world is constantly evolving.

Dustin Lyon is known for his smooth singing ability and is very well known in the Dallas/Ft. Worth talent circles. “I’m like an Usher, Chris Brown, or a Justin Timberlake,” said Lyon, who has no problem admitting he grew up on Soul Music and considers himself multi-cultured. “I believe we can learn something from every culture. Black Culture has inspired me in many ways and so have many other cultures,” he said.

He believes his role was a perfect fit for him because his personal circle is full of people with multi-ethnicities. “I understand what this character is going through. Robbie Bennett comes from a wealthy family who have known one circle of life all their lives. However, many kids from wealthy families are growing up in a multi-cultural environment and they have had to learn to accept people with different upbringings and interests. The world is changing and there is still that remnant of people who refuse to accept the evolutuon of our country.”

This is Lyon’s first major role and he is excited about it. “Dustin has what they call ‘the whole package‘. I believe he is a star in the making,” said Ro Wright, Director for The Palace. ┬áIt is expected to begin airing in November on the Congo TV Network.