Congo TV dance show to feature popular dance company from North Louisiana

As Eagle View Media Company (EVMC) prepares to launch two new original shows on Congo TV Network by February 2018, the production company has reached a production deal with popular dance company, Carolyn’s Dance Land, in Monroe, LA.

The company’s founder, Carolyn McClinton-Goodin, is also responsible for the Award Winning Dance Competition Company, Bayou Promise Dance Company. EVMC has been approached by several dance companies with pitches for Dance Reality Shows but found a special spark in this one. “When you see the professionalism and hardwork that’s been put into this specific company, you will easily understand why we chose to work with them,” said Ro Wright, Co-Founder of EVMC and Director of Programming for Congo TV Network.

“There are so many dance shows out there and we were looking for something different. We didn’t want another competition show. We weren’t looking for another show that focuses on the differences between the kids’ mothers. We wanted a show that would highlight dance in a grand theatrical way,” said Kita Wright, Co-Founder of EVMC and Director of Production for Congo TV Network.


The show will be an 8 episode series where the dancers in Goodin’s organization will have to learn choreography for a different style of dance for each episode including Jazz, Hip-Hop, Spiritual, Latin, Big Band, and even an 80’s Pop Theme. “What will make this show standout is the diversity of the music, the after effects, costuming, and filming sites,” said Ro Wright. “If the girls are preparing for a ballroom dance then we will film it in an elegant ballroom in full ballroom wardrobe. If the girls are preparing for a 50’s themed performance then we will do it with 50’s wardrobe in an old landmark. This will be the dance show everyone craves,” said Ro Wright.

Goodin says her dancers are over excited. “We are so grateful for the opportunity to represent Monroe, LA and show off the amazing talent we have here. I encourage everyone, young and old, to follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Dreams really do come true,” said Goodin.

“We have already began preparing for this exciting show. Carolyn and I have shared ideas and concepts and we are already in progress. She is such a passionate young lady and we are excited to work with her,” said Odessa Feaster, Co-Owner of EVMC and Director of Field Operations for Congo TV Network.

‘Feel The Beat’ will follow the path laid down by several dance shows on cable networks which have sparked an interest into the once hidden world of dance. While this show isn’t the first nor the last of the dance shows, it will be the first one filmed in Louisiana for a network with international access and it will also be the first one filmed with a full theatrical foundation.

“Carolyn has proven to understand not only the art of dance but she also knows branding. She grew up a dancer in Monroe as a kid and is one of the few who have mastered the business side of that industry. She has branded her name and her style. TV is the next level for her. At such a young age, she is slowly becoming an icon already in her region,” said Gerald Wright, Co-Founder of EVMC and Administrative Executive for Congo TV Network.

Filming for Feel The Beat is set to begin early March 2018 in Monroe, LA.