Opportunities to grow with us are limitless. For every interest of the Media Industry we have availabilities for your energy and ideas.


Our company was built on the investments of people who partnered with our vision. There are several ways you can grow with us and reap the benefits of a very productive and lucrative platform. A Silent Investor is someone who invests a specific amount of money in hopes to gain profit from the revenue stream on our company. A Partner owns shares of the overall company.


If you are a filmmaker you can add your films to our showroom and be paid for every new stream. We reserve the right to select or reject films according to our viewing standard and policy. Filmmakers receive monthly reports on their veiwership and profit.


If you directing a show or series we are interested in providing an exclusive home for your film. We are always looking for content which engages our audience. If you haven’t found a home for a previously recorded movie or series or a film that you are currently shooting, allow us to provide a quality platform for your show.


Sometimes, people have brilliant ideas but do not know where to begin. They know what they want their show to be about but don’t have the equipment to film it with. Our production team is always for hire. We have filmed Reality Shows, Television Programs, and Movies. We have a standard fee but prices can always be negotiated according to the complexity or simplicity of your vision.


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