Eagle View Media Company will begin filming our first signature TV Drama Series entitled, The Palace. Written and Directed by Ro Wright, The Palace, embraces a star studded cast and a storyline that will leave you on the edge of your seat every week.

Pinned as an eight episode series, The Palace, begins filming on location in Dallas, TX in mid September 2017. It’s the story of a single Black mother who aspires to be a famous writer but can’t catch a break. As she raises her 9 year old daughter, she finds herself living out of motels and giving in to her lowest temptations to make ends meet. Life doesn’t make much sense to her at all until she meets a handsome gentleman in a cafe who ends up giving her a shot at her dreams.

This gentleman owns a nightclub. After seeing her perform, he decides to give her a shot in his club. The idea was brilliant… except… he forgets to run it past his ex-wife – who is co-owner of the club. Even though they have moved in their separate directions it has never been a problem until now. His ex-wife discovers she still has feelings for him and the new girl in his life is a problem.

The ex-wife does some investigating and finds out this new woman is actually on the run. Her mother in law is looking for her and is willing to pay top dollar for her whereabouts. The child’s father is the son of a wealthy Caucasian Texas Senator. She was pushed away by the Senator’s racist wife who thought her son getting a poor Black girl pregnant would ruin her husband’s chance to win office. But the Senator, very smooth and clever, learns of a love affair between his wife and one of his main campaign backers. When the Senator is killed in a plane crash, the Senator’s wife learns he left all of his wealth to his grand-daughter… including their home – The Palace.

When this young mother learns the very woman who ruined her life is living in a house left for she and her daughter, she will go to every extreme to get what’s rightfully hers. Seems realistic… except the Senator’s wife would rather hire someone to kill her before she would ever give up her beautiful palace.

Expect twists and turns, thrills and spills… some of what you just read may even have leaks in it. One thing we do know is… you – will – never – guess how it ends.