We believe in a world where anything is possible. Dreams are just visions that haven’t been assigned a plan yet. With a plan and a purpose, dreams can come true. The Eagle View Media Company is the collective goal of a pair of brothers from Louisiana who have all been very succesful in various areas of media. Pulling their resources together, they aspire to embark upon greater ideas to grow with the evolving entertainment industry.


Gerald Wright (Orlando, FL) has an extensive resume with Business Management. Graduating from Southern University with a degree in Engineering, he enjoyed a 20+ year career as an engineer for General Motors and Disney. Gerald and his wife Gia also own AMPS Magazine, a news platform to promote Black News and Entertainment. The magazine is franchised in three cities, including Dallas, Indianapolis, and Orlando. Their company has been an advertisement supporter for some of the largest events in America, including Bronner Bros in Atlanta and The Circle City Classic in Indianapolis among others. Gerald also contributes to the Visual Ministry at his church in Florida, Live Church Orlando, where Rev. Tye Tribbett is Pastor.

Roosevelt Wright, III (New Orleans, LA) is an award winning public speaker. He and his wife own, Unboxed Possibilities Enterprise, which is the umbrella for 100 BLK Radio, Parlay, Black Boot, and Ro Wright Publishings. Commonly known as “Ro Wright”, he built a 25 year career in radio beginning as a full time employee at 13 years old. At one time, he was the youngest radio personality in Louisiana. He and his brother, Kita, started producing TV shows when they were teens. They sold advertisement to local vendors and had the shows aired on a local channel in Monroe, LA. Since then, they have produced several shows for regional stations and were executive producers for the ‘Young & Married in New Orleans’ Reality Show. Ro, who studied Mass Communications at Southern University, is the author of five books. He played a role on HBO’s ‘Treme’ series and has been featured on various networks including MTV and TBN. In 2014, Ro was booked to speak at more than 230 events around the country in one year.

The Foundation

These men grew up with grand ideas. Sometimes, they were so grand they’ve had to move to various parts of the world to pursue their individual goals. There is one goal they have aspired to achieve for years… to build a film platform for independent producers and filmmakers. The Wrights grew up together in Boy Scouts. Both of them are Eagle Scouts (the highest rank in the organization). Their father, Roosevelt Wright, Sr., was their scoutmaster. 

As kids, they learned to see the world through the eyes of an Eagle. Having traveled to nearly 40 of the 50 states before they even graduated High School, they studied American History, Politics, Business, and Entrepreneurship as kids. Gerald and Ro owned their own individual candy businesses when they were just 14 years old. They have been groomed to produce something magical together since they were young boys. The Eagle View Media Company is the manifestation of their combined aspirations in Mass Communications.