Comedian Shack Brown to host new comedy show, production company locks in with Congo TV

Comedian Shack Brown is scheduled to film a new comedy show called These Jokes Matter set in New Orleans: Feb 16, 17, and 18.

“I’m extremely excited to be able to provide a platform for comedians who are funny but overlooked,” said Brown. “I watch many funny comedians wait for a big celebrity person to pick them up. Traveling to different states, I realize there are thousands of comedians evolving their brands and working their local scenes. I want to provide another platform for these artists to get out there,” he said.

Brown will partner with another well known New Orleans comedian, “Blowfish”, also known as ‘The Blind Sensation of Comedy’. The two worked together earlier this year to bring one of the largest comedy events by a local comedian in New Orleans History. They organized a showcase at the Historic Carver Theatre and the response was epic.

These Jokes Matter is being filmed at Cafe Istanbul in New Orleans. Instanbul has become a base for various sectors of the New Orleans Arts community. The show will feature 24 comedians over 8 episodes including: Mark Caesar (NOLA), Spunky Robinson (FL), Howard Hall (Baton Rouge), Carissa Cooper (Baton Rouge), DC Paul, Geneva Joy, Corey Mack, and Square Tite Mike (AL) among many others.

Shack Brown met with Eagle View Media Company (EVMC), owners of Congo TV Network, and proposed the idea of the show airing on the popular streaming network. “Mr. Brown has his own production team and they are very organized. We have always wanted Congo to be a platform where production teams can have a home to expand their local bases. We are confident Mr. Brown will do well with his show,” said Gerald Wright, Administrative Director, EVMC.

“Shack is no stranger to the stage. He has helped a lot of comedians launch their careers. We are expecting an explosive response from the Gulf Coast. It’s an opportunity for up and coming comedians to reach a new audience,” said Ro Wright, EVMC Director of Programming for Congo TV Network.

Brown began his career in New Orleans in November of 1998. This show will also celebrate 20 years in the comedy business for Shack Brown, who is also a Youth Football Coach in NOLA. Supporters may contact 504-251-9992 for tickets to the filming event which will span over a 3 day weekend. Congo TV is scheduled to air the show late Spring 2018.