Congo TV to film new reality show, ‘Slay The Prom’, teens can now submit to be featured

The Prom is one of the most memorable nights of a teen’s life. However, it is also a big night for the whole family. For most families, it’s the signature night of a teen officially becoming a young adult. Because it’s so special and so memorable, many times the family tends to ‘turn up’ more than usual!

Photo/Kita Wright


Eagle View Media Company (EVMC) is set to begin filming a new TV Reality Show called, Slay The Prom, in early April 2018 which will air on it’s own Congo TV Network. The show will follow the teens on the day of the prom getting their hair ready, getting their outfit ready, the ride to the prom, the final look when the whole family sees the teen before they leave the house, when the date arrives, and so much more! It’s set to be a fun show filled glamour, fashion, swag, and major slayery!

To Be Eligible The Teenager:

  1. Must Have Parental/Legal Guardian Consent & Participation
  2. The Prom Date has to agree to be on the show as well.
  3. Males & Females are encouraged to apply.
  4. Any Family Members who will be involved must agree to be filmed.
  5. Primary Teen must be in High School
  6. Friends can be in it but they must be in High School.

To Apply:

Send a photo of yourself and a photo of your date. Tell us what you do either at school, in the community, or at church/talent/organization. Tell us your date’s name and what that person does as well. Include your Name, City/State, Phone Number, Grade, Age, and School.

Send all emails to:

Deadline to Submit is April 5, 2018

The show will air on Congo TV Network this Summer. If you haven’t subscribed to Congo TV Network, visit the site today. Eagle View Media Company is the management company for Congo TV Network.