Vimeo signs on to help Congo TV reach a larger audience

As Congo TV grows it has attracted the interest of many major companies with interest in taking it to a higher level. After entertaining five companies over the past two weeks, Eagle View Media Company (managing company for Congo TV) has agreed to a very substantial opportunity presented by Vimeo.

Vimeo is most known for it’s online video streaming platform, similar to Youtube, but has grown tremendously over the past decade. Their OTT platform manages hundreds of television networks, including Kevin Hart’s recently released ‘LOL TV’ among many others. Vimeo is the largest OTT hosting plant in America, servicing more OTT (Over The Top) Networks than other company.

“This is a huge step for Eagle View. We know we have to make the moves that matter at this point. Signing on with Vimeo will do wonders for us. We will be accessible in many more ways than we are now. The look and feel of the network is going to upgrade tremendously,” said Gerald Wright, Administrative Director for EVMC.

“Our shows will now stream on any Apple device and not just Apple TV. We will be available on any Android device and not just Android TV. We will be available on Xbox, Roku, and Amazon Fire along with several smart TVs immediately,” said Ro Wright, Programming Director for EVMC.

While EVMC migrates, subscribers may experience some downtime but the company will render two free months to any subscriber who is already signed by the first of May. By June the company will launch on multiple new platforms with 4 new shows ready to air by mid-Summer.

With Vimeo’s diverse platform, our users will have a much better experience and will have double the ways to access our channel. Their mobile platform is one of the best and our users will be able to take advantage of all of the benefits they provide for instant streaming and downloading anywhere in the world.

“The company continues to evolve. Atracting the interest of Vimeo is just a sign of greater things to come,” said Ro Wright. “We are ready for a plethora of new possiblities and our team is eager to get to work with Vimeo.”

Subscribers can expect a full transition to be complete by July.