Sports Marketer Walter Jones joins investment team for Congo TV Network

As Congo TV Network continues to grow, the investment opportunities are rapidly filling up. Eagle View Media Company (EVMC) began building a circle of investors just one month ago when the The Wright Brothers announced they would offer shares of their TV Network to interested investors. Within one month they have managed to sell the majority of those available shares.

Walter Jones, Marketing Director for Pro Source Sports Agency, is no stranger to Entertainment and Media. In fact, that’s been his job for nearly 14 years within the Professional Sports Industry. Pro Source Sports is the managing agency for players such as Dak Prescott (QB for the Dallas Cowboys), Cam Robinson (OL for the Jacksonville Jaguars), Dillon Day (C for the Denver Broncos) and many others.

“I believe Congo TV will be a major outlet for this region and the world. There are so many stories to tell. There are so many opportunities to create and so many ways to build paths for aspiring artists and even athletes through having a television network that’s willing to be the landing spot for thousands of hopefuls,” said Walter Jones.

Jones has come in as a Priority Investor in Congo TV Network. According to The Wrights, a Priority Investor is someone who owns 5 or more shares of the network. “All of our investors are like family. We have constant dialouge about the company and where we stand. They know we are a work in progress but it’s good having people around you who see the vision and are willing to financially help you reach the mark,” said Gerald Wright, Administrative Manager for EVMC.

“Walter’s insight in the professional sports world will be an asset to this network. He and the entire Pro Source team are brilliant and the work they put behind their players is commendable. We can only hope to build that same kind of trust and commitment within Congo TV filming projects with our artists. There is a lot we can learn from Walter,” said Ro Wright, Director of Programming for Congo TV.

Jones will join about 12 other investors who have given Congo TV the stability needed to have a prosperous and record breaking year in 2018. As of today, out of 49 available shares of Congo TV, only 10 shares remain.


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